How do I maximize my blog and product link previews on social networks like,, and

Roughly 70% of people are Visual. 20% of people are Auditory. The remaining are Kinesthetic! Using advertising and link previews on social media that entices 90% of people might be a good idea if you’re selling products and services online!

Nice link previews are a necessity if you want people to click through your links on any social network! Unless I was referred by someone I trust, browsers like me won’t even click on your social network link preview unless it looks good.

To us, you either don’t understand the importance or just don’t care. As an affiliate of your program, there are merchants and sponsors who do. And they will obviously get more of my attention and better sales because they give us the tools we need to help promote your products!

Would you even consider clicking on a link on social media that looks as unprofessional as this?

How do I fix it?

Learn and apply OG! Read about the Open Graph Protocol at or view embedded page below.