How can I help fund this and other made in Montana firearm websites?

Help Fund MontanaGuns.Org on Patreon – Shop at either Montana Gun Trader’s Sponsor Shop or Top Ammunition Sites!

This sites founder has developed and manages many of the websites listed here. All of said sites are free. That doesn’t mean they are free to maintain. This and other sites on this server cost an average of $2500 per year for domains, hosting, scripts and support. None of that includes advertising costs or promotions. I can alway use your help!

Unfortunately the means of accepting donations online have become very challenging for firearms friendly sites. Although we could accept donations, it is the principal of the issue.

PayPal and most others have severely penalized merchants claiming firearms industry merchants are violating their policies. To the tune of tens of thousands of dollars in limbo in some cases. Most have now prohibited for use with firearms, ammo and parts. Until one comes out publicly in written policy, time is no longer wasted looking for gun friendly online payment gateways like PayPal.

We will no longer do business with PayPal out of principal. AND it HURTS! For now…

Another option you have now is to Shop Locally Online Through Affiliated Sponsors at Montana Gun Trader’s Merchant Sponsor Shop or Top Ammunition Sites to help fund these sites!

This is much better for all of us anyways. You get what you need to stock up for eventualities and pay the same price. We get a small commission for referring you through our links!

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